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Leonarus cardiaca

Indicated by its name, Leonarus cardiaca is a cardio tonic, helping to grow new blood vessels to the heart, lower blood pressure, improve heart action, strengthen electrical activity in the heart, and ease heart palpitations due to tension and anxiety. Great for calming the hysterical, anxious, and tense heart, mind, and body. A great uterine tonic as well, but is contraindicated for daily use for those with endometriosis or fibroids. can be used to alleviate acute menstrual cramp or if taken for a few months at a tonic, may alleviate cramps all together. Great for menopausal women as well to help calm anxiety, relieve rapid heartbeat, and soothe the nerves. Can also be helpful for those with pain from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. 

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