Dr. JJ's Knee Rehap

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Dr. JJ's Knee Rehap

I've helped a lot of folks forgo knee surgery with the following protocol. Ideally, if you can help rebuild joint tissue, you'll have a stronger end result vs. the results of surgery. (don't get me wrong, sometimes surgery is necessary). The goals here are to reduce inflammation, rebuild cartilage, increase micro-circulation and get the joint back to full mobilization. This protocol includes:

1. Tissue Tone capsules - this gets the initial and continual inflammation down as well as encourage stimulation of new cellular and cartilage growth.

2. Nat. Sulp and Kali Sulph cell salts:  4 pellets of each 3 times per day.

Cell salts - Cell salts provide micro mineral nutrients that result in big results. Silica support ligament health and give strength and health to these hard to nourish tissues. 

3. Vitamin D:  4000 iu's each day is an important throughout the healing process to ensure a long term degenerative process doesn't set in.

4. Ligaplex I: 2 twice per day. This is the use of glandulars of matching tissue to regenerate tissue needed. 

5. Dietary, Hydrotherapy and exercise handouts to compliment the protocol are included.