Breathe Easy - Asthma Support Tincture 1oz

Fettle Botanic Supply & Counsel

$ 15.00

Helps open breathing pathways, enable deeper respiration and provide temporary relief of respiratory compromise.

Directions: 1-3 dropperfuls as needed. Not to exceed 3 doses.

Lobelia lf(Lobelia inflata), Black Cohosh rt. (Cimicifuga racemosa), Cramp Bark . (Viburnum opulus), Yerba Santa lf(Erodictyon californicum) Licorice rt(Glycerrhiza glabra), Cayenne Pepper fruit(Capsicum annuum), Passionflower lf(Passiflora incarnata), organic alcohol and apple cider vinegar, water, vegetable glycerin, 50% alcohol, 1:5 (dry)

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