Brainy-Action Tincture 1oz

Fettle Botanic Supply & Counsel

$ 15.00

Focused. In the moment. On your game. Clarity is cool and fleeting. Here's a hand-picked formula blended for that part of the brain.

Directions: 1-2 dropperfuls three times per day.

Gota Kola lf (Centella asiatica) Gingko lf (Gingko biloba), Peppermint lf (Mentha piperita), Sage lf(Salvia officinalis), Rosemary lf(Rosemarinus officinalis) Ashwagandha rt. (Withania somnifera), Turmeric rt(Curcuma longa), organic alcohol and apple cider vinegar, water, vegetable glycerin, 50% alcohol, 1:5 (dry)

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