Be well.
Or, on occasion, get well.
It’s a simple as that.
And as radical as any thousand-year-old notion can be.
Namely, the road to wellness is paved with burdock, sage, goldenseal, kudzu and truths found in nature rather than synthesized in labs. It’s not some new-agey, woo-woo notion.
Plant-based healing is basic to Eastern culture and mainstream throughout Europe.
And spurred by a new generation of enthusiasts, it’s thriving here.
We thank you. Young. Old. Parents. Communities. All of you diving headlong into your own well-being.
10 years into natural, herbal healing, we hold these truths to be witnessed daily:
-Nature isn’t alternative, it’s fundamental.
-Your body, if you listen, answers.
-Blending herbs is an art, science and minor miracle.
-Local sourcing matters.
-Community heals.
Welcome to this journey.
Bring us your colds, your sniffles, your flagging energy, your male and female riddles, your long term fit and fettle.
We await with herbs, teas, tinctures, wisdom, counsel, classes, physician partners and practiced ears.

We are the child of a naturopath, and labor of love. Nature works. In fact, works wonders.
Consider us your outfitter and guide.