About us

Fettle Botanic Supply & Counsel, once known as The Herb Shoppe,  has been a pillar of Portland small business for almost 11 years. Owned and operated by board certified Naturopathic physician Dr. JJ Pursell, she has prided herself on building a business that supports communities by offering resources, education and products focusing on herbal medicine and health.  First opened in 2005, there have always been 3 main principles to the business. First, is to offer the most vital herbal medicine available. Our job is to ensure that every product and bulk herb originates from a place of extreme integrity and that you, our customer, is truly receiving the best there is to offer in the western world of botanical medicine.

Our second driving force is to provide as many resources and references as possible. Fettle’s motto is that everyone should leave with something. This doesn’t necessary mean a purchased product (although that is good for business!) it could mean something as simple as a moment to relax among the pleasant environment of Fettle Botanic Supply & Counsel. It could also be the friendly Herbal Retail Assistant greeting you with a smile, or even a pearl of information to use at a future date. Sometimes a discussion with customers leads to the staff making a professional referral or reference to ensure everyone is getting the information they need or the appropriate direction to turn. Whatever the case may be, Fettle enjoys sharing and exchanging with customers to provide them the best service possible.

The last principle that Fettle was founded on is community. This stems from our work to engage each person that comes in and extends to offering internships, classes, free lectures and events. Providing the community a place to learn more about herbs and herbal medicine and providing a safe place to ask simple health questions is our passion.  

Want to learn more? Stop by anytime or join our internship program!