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     Winter 2010


Eastern cultures believe that people experience better health when living in harmony with the natural cycles of their environment. Winter is at it greatest Yin in nature this time of year expressing its inactive, cold, and damp nature. Emotionally, it is best to remain introspective, restful, and consolidate your energy. In winter, the cold and darkness urges us to slow down. At this time of year we are encouraged to reflect on our health, replenish our energy, and conserve our strength. In Winter, people should stabilize their emotions and cultivate their mindSerenity Tea available at The Herb Shoppe is the perfect compliment for this time of year. Ginkgo biloba extract —long used in traditional medicine to fight Alzheimer’s disease,
macular degeneration, and age-related memory loss—
may help ease neuropathic pain, a new study shows.   

Creating a Wintertime Herbal Medicine Cabinet:
Several herbs are effective for treating not only the symptoms of too much winter, but the causes of colds and flu.  It is important to build immunity to
fight off virus/bacteria, maintain blood circulation and warmth, and ensure the vitality of the lungs and reducing the build up of congestion in the body.

: In traditional Chinese medicine, hot ginger tea taken at the first sign of a cold is believed to offer the possibility of averting the infection.
: Elder flowers are highly effective in managing upper respiratory congestion and infections.  Perfect for drying up that runny or blocked nose. These tiny pale white flowers
have a delicate floral taste and contain flavonoids and small amounts of mucilage and tannins, a perfect combination for soothing healing and protecting mucous membranes.

: Yarrow’s principle action is on the circulation. As the cold of winter slows down and redirects blood circulation, Yarrow dilates blood vessels allowing increased blood flow. This enables
the immune cells to function at their peak, warding off infection and keeping channels clear and open. The whole flowering tops are used in a tea or other forms in mild fevers or minor congestion
where circulation is a concern.

: Sage is a most powerful and effective herb for treating sore throats. The different essential oils in sage exert an antiseptic effect in the respiratory tract and helps to keep both the throat and
lungs free of infection.

Rose hips
: Rose hips form in Autumn following the rose flowers of summer as the fruit surrounding the seed. As a rich source of Vitamin C and flavonoids Rosehips aid with nourishing you for defense
against colds and flu.

: The leaves of Mullein are used as a soothing expectorant, facilitating easier removal of lung congestion. This action is ideal during or after colds where the persistence of dampness or mucus impairs
adequate lung function and clearance. Mullein soothes and strengthens the mucosal membranes of the respiratory system where these have been painful, irritated or sore from infection.

: To be used after colds or infection to rebuild immunity, Astragalus is a sweet tasting herb effective in restoring both resilience to future respiratory infections, and efficiency of metabolism
to ensure optimal nutrition for immune reserves to fight off those winter chills. This herb is the best for restoring energy to the body very quickly.

: The pungent oils found in Thyme are an effective anti microbial in the treatment of respiratory infections. When taking Thyme, people often note tasting it on their breath as the oils permeate
through the respiratory system to reduce the proliferation of viruses during infections. It also warms the digestion and reduces metabolic congestion, aiding to clear the body of conditions for infection.

: Soothes sore throat pain and coughs. From ancient times through the late 19th century, fenugreek played a major role in herbal healing. Then it fell by the wayside. Now things are once again
looking up for the herb whose taste is an odd combination of bitter celery and maple syrup. Modern scientific research has found that fenugreek can help reduce cholesterol levels, control diabetes and
minimize the symptoms of menopause.

: Marshmallow stimulates the immune system and the production of white blood cells. It also soothes inflammation, slows production of mucus, and reduces sugar levels in the body.

Free Wednesday Lectures

12/15/10:  Ashley Hempstead, ND and LAc. Canidate 2011
Chinese Medicine and the 4 Human Temperaments

1/12/11:  John Friedon
Bach Flower Essences

1/19/11:  Dr. Sarah Wylie ND
Mayan Vaginal Steams

1/26/11:  Dori Oliver
Fermented Beverages for Health

Herbal Certification Course
Last Chance to Sign up - December 22nd!

The course emphasizes:
Organ physiology
Foundations in Herbal medicine
Wild Plant Identification
Medicinal Herbology
Herbal Preparations
Naturopathic Principles
Medicinal Formulation

Class meets once per month on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 – 9:30
$300 deposit  - December 22nd
with the remaining $375 due no later then February 1st
Hope you can join us!   

Special Offerings
Health Care with Dr. JJ                                                      
Acupuncture Tune Up                                                                                                                                                              
·       3 Visits for $99                                                                 
Whether you are tired of your aches and pains,
have a cold, or need some tension release –                                       

come in for a mini round of acupuncture therapy
Let the magic of the needles work for you!

Wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.  We look forward to seeing you in the new year!
The Herb Shoppe & Wellness Care
3327 SE Hawthorne Blvd   
Portland, OR 97214


We are always looking for local growers who grow herbs.  Our goal is receive as much of our inventory from local growers and farmers.  If you know of someone who is growing organically or wild-crafting sustainably – have them email the shoppe!

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