Whoa - Allergies

Typically I don’t get allergies.  I realize I am one of the fortunate ones, and the little symptoms I’ve ever had were easily remedied with herbs and nutraceuticals.  But this year - just last week actually, it happened.  I had a full blown allergy experience. 

For years I have treated patients with seasonal allergies.  I’ve empathized with the fascinating symptom of intense congestion while at the same time the runny nose like a faucet.  The feelings of pressure in the head and face, the fatigue, the foggy head, the itch of the eyes, nose and throat that can drive any person mad.  And let’s not forget those that have wheezing, cough, or sore throat.  Seasonal allergies are miserable and after my experience last week - I can see why anyone would try anything to get relief.

It started 2 weeks ago.  For no good reason I was really tired.  Not overwhelming fatigue, but everything took a bit more effort and I felt like I was moving through dense air.  The worst were the mornings.  Typically I feel pretty good upon waking - ready to begin the day.  But what I was feeling now was resembling a fatigue hangover, how you feel with only 3-4 hours of sleep.  I began to wonder - was I catching a cold?

Then I saw 3 patients in a row - bang, bang, bang - allergies.  Later in that week I noticed all of the “showy” trees had bloomed.  (“Showy” trees are the ones that typically smell amazing and have beautiful flowers)  Also - the cottonwoods had arrived.

About 3 days later, after the one day of amazing sunshine, I went downhill.  Sneezing, an itch so far up my nose I felt it went into my forehead, the most intense congestion I have ever experienced and a persistent running nose.  The first day I knew I was having an allergy attack and I thought to myself - I am not going to take anything because I want to truly feel what this feels like. 

Well - I had the full experience, but after about 18 hours I knew I needed to start taking something because I was so miserable.  I reached for the same product I give to all of my patients.  Aller-Aid by Oregon’s Wild Harvest.  I’ve prescribed this product for years and seem to have a good result rate.   I began with the typical dosage of 3 three times per day.  Because I was already experiencing a full insult - I didn’t get much relief the first day.  Then I went to 4 upon rising, 3  two hours later, 3 in the afternoon and 3 after dinner.  By bedtime I was beginning to get some reprieve, and was very grateful.

I kept up the same dosage the next 2 days and today, day 4 - I’m happy to report most symptoms are gone.  I will now switch to a maintenance dose of 2 three times per day for another week until the pollen clears the airs.  The only side effect I experienced was a slightly dry nasal cavity, most likely due to the astringent qualities of the product. 

(I have to also say I did the neti-pot three times a day for 3 days as well.  For the first time in my life two of the times I did it - I couldn’t get it clear through!)

If you are having the onslaught of allergies - pick up some Aller-Aid and a neti-pot. Stick with it and be consistent for a few days to minimize inflammation and histamine reaction. 

And keep in mind - if you minimize inflammation before allergy season begins - you typically won’t have a big allergy insult.  Come in anytime to see me, or your local Naturopath to have this vital discussion for any allergy sufferer. 

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