Teeth & Gum Health - the herbal way

More and more of us are experiencing issues with teeth and gum health.  The combination of acidic foods (coffee lovers), sweet treats (Happy Halloween!), and overly processed foods often leaves our mouths with a lot of clean up to do.  Over time the burden can become too much to handle and inevitably it begins to take its toll. 

Conventional treatment is “scaling."  Where the dentist will clean up shop so to speak.  Using their tools to scrape the tartar and plaque below the gum line to reduce the bacteria and buildup.  When the gum pockets are too large, gum grafts or filling in with composite (plastic) are now recommended. 

While nothing beats flossing twice per day and an electric toothbrush, here are a few options to help decrease the gum irritation and help to re-vitalize the gum line to reduce the pockets.

1.  The Herb Shoppe’s - Gum Health Liquid Rinse.  A great herbal combination to reduce bacteria and help to pull the gums back up the enamel to reduce pockets.  Simply add 3 dropperfuls to 2 ounces of water and swish for 2 minutes.  Twice daily.

2.  Veriditas Gingivitis Essential Oil Formula - Help prevent and treat gingivitis and periodontal disease by helping to decrease inflammation and irritation with antimicrobial essential oils.  Apply 2-4 drops onto your clean finger (or a Q-tip) and rub onto gums

3.  Homeofresh Toothpaste.  Contains 100% natural extracts from fresh plants specifically selected for their anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-hemolytic and soothing actions on the gums and for their non-abrasive action on teeth enamel. Only naturally-occurring bioactive substances, which respect the natural eco-system of the oral flora, are used. As an active ingredient of comfrey root, allantoin has been shown to heal and soothe inflamed gums and stimulate tissue growth.

Use all three together for 3 months as a dynamic and proactive approach to teeth and gum health.  Your dentist will most likely be amazed!

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