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What is commonly thought of as a pesky growing weed amongst our lovely gardens is actually one of the best healers we have today.  If you look at the pictures above - I’m sure are quite familiar with this visually non-impression, but potent plant healer.

Plantain has 2 common varieties:  broad leaf plantain, on the left, and Lance leaf plantain on the right.  Both are equally effective for many uses which I will go into below.

As the mid summer is upon us and the grass is slowly turning from green to brown (unless you are an avid sprinkler user), the plantain is still as vibrant as ever. 

Well known to stop the pain and swelling from any insect bite, it is particularly great for bee stings.  Wonderful for all open wounds to help clean and close the tissue, very quickly.  As a tincture, (liquid extract), it needs to made fresh - so I highly suggest you get out there and harvest this special little plant.  I often say, “you may study hundreds of herbs, but if you really know and use 20, you’ll have all the medicine you need."  Plantain is definitely one to consider as a strong ally. 

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July 11, 2011 by JJ Pursell

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