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Joy … The Seven Emotions …

Joy is linked to the Heart

To the Westerners, joy is a cheerful, positive concept that we find difficult to see as damaging. The positive side of Joy seen in these terms is beneficial.

However, Traditional Chinese society was excessively hierarchical and deeply conservative. Therefore, Joy could be seen in terms of overexuberance and inappropriate behavior, and it is damaging. There is a saying in Chinese : “Sorrow grows out of excessive joy.”

We can perhaps imagine “Joy” as a rowdy group of excited teenagers yelling noisily in the street and upsetting elderly passers-by, rather than the happy sense of contentment and light-heartedness associated with the word in the West.

This “inappropriateness” is the negative aspect of Joy and too much of it will damage the Heart and also the Lungs which are located close by in the Upper fiao.

Too much Joy damaging Heart Qi. It can lead to an inability to concentrate, while the sort of hysterical laughter associated with some forms of mental disorder is also associated by the Chinese with damaged Heart Qi.



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