Ear Infections

It took me 38 years, but this was the year I got my first ear infection.  It started as a slight cold; stuffy nose, sore throat and a bit of a dry ticklely cough.  But after 3 days I noticed a new symptom - weird ache in my left ear.  It was a complex mix of sensations.  There was a hot pain that sometimes bored deep into my eardrum along with a cold breeze feeling blowing through my ear canal.  These and the overall realization that something was not right made me wonder if I was experiencing an ear infection.  

So I asked my colleague Dr. Curtiss to take a peek.  Sure enough - I had my first otitis media.  Strange enough (but not for those who know me) I was oddly excited.  For one - to know what people, especially little ones, go through when they have an earache.  And the second reason I was excited was to try out my herbal formula for ear aches. 

I grabbed the Mullein/Garlic ear drops off the shelf, along with The Herb Shoppe Earache Tonic.

First, I put in 2 drops of Mullein/Garlic oil into each ear.  Keep in mind - my tympanic membrane had not ruptured which made it safe to still put drops into my ear.  It instantly felt soothed as I massaged the oil into the ear canal. 

Then I started taking the Earache Tonic.  Wow! I had instant sensations shoot throughout my entire ear drum.  Positive sensations - sensations that felt like the tincture was radiating throughout my entire face and eardrum. Like the herbs were diffusing into every knook and cranny. Granted, I am very aware of my body, but this sensation would have been noticed by anyone.  I felt the herbs working in my face, in the area directly in front of my ear.  It spread out like a fan and I knew instantly it was working.  But, even after all of these years, I still had the amazement - “wow - this stuff works!”

Taking the tincture every hour for the first day I already felt better by bedtime.  I continued taking it every 2-3 hours for 2 days, along with the Mullein/Garlic drops and was completely better at the end of day 3!  Good thing- as I was preparing for a trip and the thought of flying with an ear infection did not sound pleasing.   

Let’s take a look at the key herbs in the formula:

Echinacea: Echinacea increases the activity of the immune system cells, reduces inflammation and inhibits growth of bacteria and viruses.  

Red Root: Helps to stimulate fluid drainage from congested areas and has a profound effect on the lymph and respiratory system.  

Ginger: Ginger root is known as an anti-inflammatory, and has analgesic properties as well.

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