Brain Fog

One of the biggest complaints I hear in my office is patients complaining of brain fog.  It’s often described as a thick cloud that envelopes them and they are stuck floating within it.  There are many different causes of brain fog such as poor circulation, diet, decreased oxygen to the brain, trauma, emotional upset, stress.  The list can go on and on.

While working with your Naturopathic physician or Acupuncturist to determine the cause, here is a simple tea that will help clear some of that fog in the meantime.

1 part Basil

1 part Borage

1 part Gingko

1 part Gotu Kola

½ part Oatstraw

½ part Rosemary

1 part Licorice

2 parts Spearmint

Mix all together and enjoy hot or cold. 

1-2 tsp/cup - steep 8-10 minutes

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