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Tissue Tone

The initial formula of Tissue Tone was first developed as many formulas are, to help a family member. My mentor’s brother, a commercial fisherman, was having severe pain, inflammation, swelling and arthritis in his right shoulder, arm, elbow and wrist. The origin of his pain was due to his job as a fisherman, having to repeatedly pull in heavy nets from cold water. His pain and swelling was so significant that it was threatening his job, which was how he supported himself and his family. After trials and errors the formula that is now called Tissue Tone was created.  Shortly after he began taking the formula his arm started to feel mildly better.  After 6 weeks his arm was dramatically better and after 3 months he was able to return to work with little to no discomfort.  With the success of this situation we next began to test it on golden retriever dogs, knowing they would be a good test subject.  Their breed is often plagued with arthritis and inflammation, making it difficult to go from a lying to a standing position. After just a few weeks the dogs that got the Tissue Tone were up and running around like they were 5 years younger!


Tissue Tone is a proprietary blend of herbs that works on many levels.  Firstly, it decreases inflammation.  When there is acute or chronic pathology inflammation is present.  The need to decrease inflammation is necessary to re-establish balance.  The herbs in tissue tone have been researched to relieve the aches and pains associated with trauma: such as sprains, strains and ligamentous/tendon injury, as well as chronic pain associated with past trauma and or arthritis.  These herbs have also proven to help encourage new cartilage and ligament growth, by increasing blood supply to the area and new lymph, blood, and minerals.  Often mal-adhesions form when trauma has occurred causing reduced range of motion and pain.  By bringing in healthy new cellular material it is the goal to remove the adhesions and hopefully re-establish proper alignment of tendons and ligaments.


Inflammation can be the beginning of many pathologies and by decreasing it, one element of health can be reclaimed.  Many of the herbs in Tissue Tone have also been researched to not only decrease inflammation but also decrease cellular masses (tumors), and/or accumulations of irregular cells, and toxic build up in the body.  For this reason we often recommend it for certain types of cysts/tumors as well as to aid the body in clearing away foreign cells.



Acute dosage:  3 capsules three times daily or 2 teaspoons powder 3 times per day

Chronic dosage: Take acute dosage for 2 weeks, then 2 capsules twice daily or 2 teaspoons twice daily.

Dogs:  2 tablespoons per 50 pounds twice daily.


Detox Protocol:  3 capsules three times per day.


Ingredients: Dandelion root, Burdock, Yucca, Garlic, Devils claw, Alfalfa, Yellow dock, Slippery elm, Ginger, Kelp, Turmeric      

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