30 Day Betterment Program Update

Well - time sure does fly!

I promised to give some updates throughout my process and I can say things are going well.  I feel better then ever having cleansed and detoxed a bit.  The greatest side effect having a ton of energy and feeling very clear headed.  (I knew my brain was in there somewhere!)

It’s been all about marketing over the last 3 weeks.  Teaching myself how to think like a consumer (not as easy as it seems!) and acting like an entrepreneur.  I have logged an exorbitant amount of hours learning more about social media and branding, and I still have more to come. 

Goal this weekend:  make my daughters canvased, personally designed growth chart.  She is almost 2, so I need to get on it already!

Exercise - need to step it up.  So - I think I’ll step away from this computer and get outside while there’s a bit of a sun break! 

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