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The time has come to commit to myself.  So for the next 30 days I am focusing on all the ways in which I can better myself.  There are several different aspects to this program, all created by me.  I help patients with a number of different plans to reach their health goals; detox plans, health protocols, exercise regimes, pattern recognition programs, whatever the need is, we work together to devise a realistic approach to create positive change.

For my program I decided to include aspects that were important to me.  These include diet habits/cleansing, crafts to stimulate the creative self, removing day to day nuisances  (like fixing the ever sticking back door), educating myself further on a few key business points coupled with gentle daily exercise and good sleep.

I’ve decided to follow The Herb Shoppe’s Detox protocol for 5 days, using it to gently prepare me for a 10 day Master Cleanse.  After that I’ll take 2 days to ease back into an anti-inflammatory diet for the remainder of the program. 

I’ll be utilizing walking, yoga and my Gazelle (think Tony Little) to keep my blood moving. 

Yes, this will be hard.  But, I see it as more of a 30 day adventure with a lot of rewards to be had along the way.  I’ll be posting along the way, with the hope that if I share this with you all, I’ll have more success.

Let the betterment begin!

Dr. JJ

April 11, 2012 by JJ Pursell

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